Genesis Outreach, Inc
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The mission of Genesis Outreach, Inc. (GOI) is to stabilize youth and families who are homeless or at risk of being homeless by establishing trust, acting as a service provider linking them with community resources, and advocating and assisting them in building opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Our vision is to shelter lives through hope by providing quality services and resources for young people throughout the world to help them establish a strong foundation so that they can become productive citizens of society.
The basic goal of Genesis Outreach is to prevent more serious problems in the future and reduce homelessness through coordination of services. Whenever possible, youth will be assisted in remaining in their family environment; families will be given the support needed 
to remain intact. 

We provide basic needs such as food and clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, toys, and more to the homeless, underserved, and underprivileged. Since Covid-19, we have included PPE supplies. 

Genesis Outreach services are crucial in assisting families access a preventative safety net of medical care, meals, clothing, housing, and a safe place from street life. We also provide resources for educational/employment assistance, job readiness, life skills, resume writing, and personal development providing one-on-one support to assist individuals to make positive changes in areas of their life that they find challenging, e.g. motivation, self-esteem, relationships, goal setting and stress management.

Program quality is closely monitored and assessed on the basis of client outcomes.