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About Genesis Outreach, Inc
While working and volunteering in different social service areas, the founder felt the need and had a desire to help youth and young adults. These were just kids, but they had nowhere to live and no way to survive without resorting to theft, prostitution, or the drug trade. For whatever reason, these kids’ families could not care for them.  In November 2006, Genesis Outreach was birthed. While providing support to these youth, Genesis Outreach continued to get calls from individuals and families in need and the founder realized that you can't fix one part of the pie without fixing the whole. Genesis Outreach, Inc incorporated the concept of "the family" into its operations in 2010. 

Genesis Outreach, Inc. has been providing services to youth and families since 2007. We have assisted at least 8,500 individuals with food, clothing, furniture, toys (holidays), and/or other resources since 2007. We are unique, in that we go into different communities to provide services and resources to individuals and/or families. We also have provided outreach services to students and families in the school system and foster care.

Genesis Outreach, Inc. is a 501-C3, non-profit organization that service youth, young adults, and families in the community. We do several events throughout the year in multiple communities that allow young people and families in need an opportunity to get clothing, shoes, coats, food, furniture, school supplies, and other miscellaneous items at no cost. Often times the working class is not qualified due to income restraints by the government; however, our events are not based on income but the need of the families that we service. 

Interested in volunteering or would like to make a tax-deductible donation